18th October 2017 
Consultations & Tests Offered  #01


Initial Nutritional Therapy Consultation - 95-125 (depending on package)
Prior to your initial consultation you will either be sent a questionnaire or you may download it from this site. (Please see below to download). The questionnaire asks details regarding your medical history, your family history, and your lifestyle and dietary health. The consultation usually takes about one to one and half hours where the information is discussed, and your goals identified. It may be appropriate to take certain measurements such as weight, BMI, body fat, blood pressure, and to carry out certain laboratory testing.

Testing may include hormonal testing such as thyroid testing, adrenal stress testing, intestinal permeability, candida antibody testing, or food intolerance testing - and many others. Some involve blood tests carried out by reputable laboratories used by many private doctors, and some involve stool tests or saliva tests.

If laboratory testing is recommended your nutritional therapist may wait for these results before giving you a specific programme to follow.
Supplements and laboratory tests are provided at an additional cost.

As BE WELL NUTRITION is a complementary integrated therapy, it may well be that areas identified during your consultation may need to be referred back to your GP for further tests. This is done only with your consent.

This usually takes place 4-6 weeks after your initial consultation and lasts about 45 minutes. At this consultation your progress is assessed and modified according to the results to ensure that you continue on the road to good health.


Boost your Immnune System so that you are fighting fit and ready for the Winter. This consultation includes a Vitamin D test, an analysis of your current diet and ways to enhance your Immunity.....book now as this offer is only for October and December.

PLEASE NOTE: Nutritional Therapy in no way takes the place or replaces conventional medicine and you should continue with any medication, or any medical treatment or advice you have been given by a GP or Health Care Consultant already prescribed.

Payment for each consultation is due at the end of each appointment either in cash or by cheque.
Cancellation within 48 hours of any appointment made will incur a 50% cancellation fee.

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Consultations & Tests Offered  #02

Consultations & Tests Offered  #03WEIGHT MANAGEMENT FOLLOW UP - 35
If after your initial consultation your main priority is to lose weight, then regular check-ups on a weekly/fortnightly basis are recommended to keep you focused and motivated to carry out your weight loss programme. Your weight, BMI, body fat%, blood pressure and waist to hip measurements will be taken and monitored at every follow-up. Also recipe ideas will be given and tips to support you between visits will be given. Telephone consultations/emails will also help to keep you focused on achieving your goals.

BE WELL NUTRITION uses the Food Detective Intolerance Test which can detect IgG antibody reactions to foods. This involves a finger prick blood test which may detect intolerance
to up to 59 commonly eaten foods. The Food Detective uses the princples of enzyme immunoassay which is a highly sensitive technique. Results are usually available within l hour.
NB If you have insurance under Simply Health you can claim for allergy testing.
Foods Tested

oat • wheat • gluten • rice • corn • rye • almond • brazil • cashew • cola • nut • walnut • cows milk whole egg • chicken • lamb • beef • pork • white fish mix • freshwater fish mix • tuna shellfish mix legume mix • carrot • broccoli • cabbage • • leek • potato • celery • cucumber peppers • grapefruit melon mix • peanut • soya bean • cocoa bean • apple • blackcurrant olive • orange & lemon strawberry • tomato • ginger • garlic • mushroom • yeast

Food intolerance is not usually life-threatening but can cause unpleasant symptoms. The symptoms of food intolerance can be delayed for many hours or even days and for this reason it is often hard to identify the problem foods.

Many symptoms may indicate food intolerances such as chronic migraines, irritable bowel syndrome, weight problems, depression, insomnia, constipation, asthma, headaches, diarrhoea, chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis, skin problems, pre-menstrual syndrome, aches and pains.

If results indicate certain food intolerances, these can be eliminated from the patient's diet usually for a period of 3 months. Each food is then re-introduced once at a time and closely monitored for the return of any symptoms.

The above price for the food intolerance test includes an initial consultation and advice should you need to omit any foods. Follow-up consultations are recommended to monitor your progress.

Consultations & Tests Offered  #04COOKERY CLASSES: These are offered to individuals or small groups and are tailor-made to suit your needs. Please call 07985-294 575 for more information

Consultations & Tests Offered  #05QUESTIONNAIRE : please click on image to download
Don't forget to send it in one week prior to your consultation.