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Nutritional Therapy in North West London

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Merriam Stern is a busy practitioner with practices in Golders Green, NW11m NW6, and NW8 and other clinics in North West London and Marylebone W1

QUALIFICATIONS: She has a degree in Nutritional Medicine. She also holds certificates for various master classes in particular areas of nutrition such as weight loss, Digestive Health,women's health, and children's health.

Merriam Stern also has a Diploma in Counselling Skills.

MEMBERSHIPS: She is a member of the British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapists - BANT. BANT is regulated by the Nutritional Therapy Council (NTC) This is a government-funded Council that has been founded to regulate and ensure ethical practice and high standards of education by the Nutritional Therapy Profession. Merriam Stern is also a Registered Practitioner with the NTC who holds a list of Nutritional Therapists that are qualified to the highest standards. She is also on the CNHC - The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council.The CNHC is bound to the highest standards of conduct and training. Merriam Stern is also recognised by various Health nsurance Companies

She practises mainly in North West London at various clinics across North West London including NW11, NW6 & NW8.
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She is particularly interested in Digestive Health, Women's health(in particular Menopause) and children's health. Also in weight loss management.

She came to be interested in nutrition after suffering from IBS for many years and discovered that by cutting out certain foods from her diet she could control her symptoms and her condition improved.

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I have suffered with Crohn's Disease for many years and as a result had a limited and unhealthy diet. I suffered from a lack of energy, and needed coffee to get me going. I consulted Merriam in February of last year. As a result of her advice my diet is more varied, I have less attacks, and have more energy. Lisa Berg (Queens Park, London)

When I saw Merriam, I had no expectations as the specialist that I was under was unable to control my pain - except with drugs that I didn't want to take. Merriam helped me to make some changes in my diet, and put me on supplements and within six months my arthritic pain had lessened to the extent that I was able to start doing some sports again. Lisa Richards (North London)

I was a yoyo dieter and not in the best of health. I was at my heaviest when I went to see Merriam - about 2 stone overweight. It was my last resort before trying lipo suction. Merriam managed to give me a sensible diet - on which I didn't feel that I was starving, helped me to stop obsessing about dieting, helped me to regain my energy and motivate me to start exercising. I have steadily and easily shed the weight and am eating foods I never would have dreamed that I would like or eat!!! including quinoa - which I had never even heard of! I feel better than I have done in years!!! Rachel Stevens Aged 43.

I wanted to see a Nutritional Therapist because my last pregnancy had been hell, and I put on too much weight, ate junk food, and generally felt lousy. My son has eczema and is allergic to cow's milk. I didn't want to go through another bad pregnancy and delivery. Merriam put me on the road to a healthy diet, and I really enjoyed the pregnancy and felt good all the time, and exercised right up to delivery. And unbelievably, my son has no eczema and no allergies. I am continuing to see Merriam so that when I wean Ben, it goes smoothly and I also want to make sure that what I am doing will give him a healthy start. I can honestly say that I would recommend any new mother to go and see Merriam - even just for piece of mind that you are doing the right thing!!! Beverley Sternberg - Finchley

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